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Historical tour:

On your own or with a guide you can walk trough the island and go back in time. Visit the historical monuments and the ruins of the old colonial buildings.

Bird watching:

Around Ibo you can find more than 700 different species of birds. 

For bird watchers guided tour can be arranged.


There are quite a few resident families of dolphins on Ibo waters. If you are lucky you can even swim with them.

Sport fishing:

The archipelago waters are rich in marine life. Depending on the season you can catch from sailfish, to barracuda or trevally.  Please contact in advance.

Remote Ibo:

By your own or with a guide you can explore the most remote areas of Ibo such as the old light house.

Walk to Quirimba island:

​Walk trough the mangroves and visit Quirimba island. Have lunch and return by boat crossing the channel.

Sand bank:

Ibo is not a beach destination, however there are excellent beaches close by. The  São Lourenço sand bank is the perfect place to lay on the beach and snorkel on the corals.

Snorkeling on the ship wreck:

The ship wreck close to the sand bank is a perfect place to snorkel. Once there you can see the old ship and a big diversity of coral fish.

Surrounding islands:
Beside Quirimba island you can take the day to visit Matemo and Rolas islands. Enjoy the boat trip and have lunch on the beach.

Whale watching:

From July to November the humpback wales can be seen outside the coral reef.

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